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Welcome to our website, welcome to the magical city in the heart of Europe.

If you love travelling on your own and discovering beautiful places, we are here to offer you a helping hand during your stay in the capital of the Czech Republic. We are a team of young, happy people who have been calling Prague home for many years. We work here, shop at the popular farmer’s markets, visit lots of cultural events, at weekends we go on romantic walks, contemplate life by the river Vltava, drink coffee at historical cafes, enjoy a glass of wine while gazing at the roofs of the many baroque buildings and in the evenings we like to walk back home through the old streets of the city. And we would love to share all this with you. Come to Prague, stay at one of our flats and experience Prague.

When you choose and reserve a flat, you may also book a range of little extras that will make your stay here more pleasant. Would you like to make an impression on your loved one? Order some fresh flowers. Or do you want to make a toast as soon as you arrive? Order a bottle of the famous Czech sparkling wine Bohemia Sekt or real Champagne. Or do you wish to taste some traditional Czech bakes? Order a plate of Bohemian kolache (type of sweet buns).

We recommend a fridge full of Czech beer, but we can also get the city transport tickets for you, tickets to various cultural events, book a guided tour or recommend places of interest nearby.  

We look forward to seeing you…


Catering to an apartment or a personal guide


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The apartment is located in a small and quiet square. Nearby you will find great sights in Prague, farmer's market, restaurants, grocery,...
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  The apartment is located in the historic center of Magical Prague. The house was built in the thirteenth century. You will experience...
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Really big apartment near the river. The apartment is located in beautiful Prague district "Malá Strana". Flat area is larger than 200 square...